Friday, November 13, 2015

Philadelphia Street Style: Jacquelyn, off 17th St

One of the best things about shooting street style is the people you meet, perfect strangers who take time out of their lives to pose for you and talk with you. Jacquelyn spent nearly half an hour with me, first scouting a good place to shoot and then conversing about her taste in clothes, her feelings about the new Yeezy collection (we both liked it much more than we expected). Every time I go out to shoot, there is one fewer stranger on the street. Philadelphia gets more and more familiar.

Jacquelyn, or Jackie as she's usually called, describes her style as "sleek and dark." She likes brands like All Saints, Vince, Ssense, Kenzo, Helmut Lang, and Alexander Wang, and she cited FKA Twigs as a style inspiration, before acknowledging that it is more the spirit of her style that inspires her than her actual look. Her own style is not visibly influenced by FKA Twigs, except in its audacity.  

In these shots, Jackie is wearing classic Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars, All Saints jeans, an American Apparel sweater and a Marc Jacobs perfecto motorcycle jacket. That jacket was an "investment" piece.Notice the red, white, and blue plaid sleeve extensions in the shot below. When you pay the extra price of high-end labels, those are the details you're paying for. The bag is Prada, by the way, and the glasses are Warby Parker. Jackie has only recently shaved her head. She's still getting used to it, she says, but she wears it with confidence. In fashion, confidence goes a long way.

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