Monday, November 16, 2015

Philadelphia Street Style: Ryogo, Sydenham St

Ryogo and I didn't have the easiest time communicating. He's from Japan and is still working on his English. I had to show him my blog on my iPhone and pantomime with my camera to explain what I wanted from him. I'm glad I went through the effort, though. He has a stylistic sensibility I just don't see that much on the streets of Philly. Or at least, not yet. And I dig those loud-print harem pants. Harem pants—or "drop-crotch joggers" as they are most often called in athleisure streetwear lingo—have already taken the urban centers by storm. I can't wait until they reach middle America. Think of how profoundly they would alter a white frat bro's look! They are by Chai Hane, by the way, a Japanese label I couldn't verify through Google. The shirt, if I understood correctly, is by Harriot Launch Market. The hat is by Grace Hats. The shoes he just slipped out of and checked for me: Camper.

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