Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No Parking at Skylight Clarkson Square

There is no parking at Skylight Clarkson Square, the secondary site of New York Fashion Week. There is no walking in the streets, no shooting in front of driveways, no lingering in the intersections. If the folks at UPS had their way, there would be no loitering at all. The photographers clog up the foot traffic, block delivery routes. They get in the way. If only they weren't an absolutely essential part of the hype-generating machine that is Fashion Week. But they are, so the folks at WME-IMG have decided to treat us like day laborers, hanging out in front of a Home Depot. You hire them when you need to, but you hardly add their name to your speed dial list. We photographers had to make ourselves scant, to shoot in tight spaces and at acute angles.

Here's another shot from this past NYFW. I like this blogger's commitment to sparkles and geometry. I like how she offsets the translucent components of her outfit with simple black. And I like her easy embodiment of the theatrical indifference that epitomizes fashion today.

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