Thursday, July 26, 2012

Philly Style Blogger Profile: Jared Michael Lowe

Name: Jared Michael Lowe
Age: 25
Blog: Lowefactor
Hometown: Philadelphia
Current Neighborhood: Chestnut Hill
What He's Listening to These Days: Azealia Banks, Passion Pit, Tanlines
How He Describes His Style: Eclectic, quirky with a bit of posh and edge
Favorite Designers: Alexander Wang, Marni, Raf Simons
Style Influences: Lauren Hutton, Solange Knowles, Robyn, Carrie Bradshaw

Jared started Lowefactor, an online fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle magazine, after graduating from Kutztown University in 2008. He worked various internships, moved to NYC temporarily, and followed the tried and true path for making a career in the fashion industry. Nothing, however, seemed to be happening for him. So he decided he was through waiting around to be discovered. He used his love for writing, and growing rolodex of contacts, to start Lowefactor. Lowefactor has given him both a voice and a venue. Now he contributes articles to The Huffington Post, Ebony, and Essence, among other places. He couldn't believe how easy it was, it says. Or rather, how easy it was to start his blog. Keeping it up and growing his readership is another story.

Jared's shirt is from ASOS. The pants are American Apparel.

Jared's hat is by Vans. His watch is Michael Kors. His sunglasses are American Apparel too. But keep quiet about it. He doesn't want everyone to catch on to his source.

Jared's shoes are Asics he's had since high school. The bag is Rag & Bone.

Notice the beautiful background blur on these images, "bokeh," for you photography geeks. I have upgraded my camera, gone full-frame, baby! And tacked on an 85mm lens too. It's a whole new world, let me tell you. More on that later. 


  1. Great photos (yes I noticed the change too, looks great!!!) and I love his style!

  2. Ha, I was about to ask if you had gotten a new camera then you answered my question. Full frame, nice!! I see you have gone to the extreme with that fstop. :) Looks great Brent.

  3. Hey there. I found your blog via Google whilst searching for a similar topic, your website came up. It looks good. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to come back later.

  4. Sadly there's an on-going service maintenance break in his site, I'll try to catch it some other time. Anyway, your camera is upgrading, congratulations! You did a pretty good blurry background there.-Kim


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