Thursday, June 14, 2012

Philly Style Blogger Profile: Sabir M. Peele

This is the inaugural post of a new feature on my blog. "Philly Style Profile" will feature prominent style bloggers and other fashionistas from the Philly area, along with tidbits about their personal style. First up is Sabir Peele, the founder and creative director of the menswear blog Men's Style Pro
Name: Sabir M. Peele
Home Town: North Philadelphia
Age: 26
Day Job: College Admission's Counselor
What He's Listening to These Days: Passion Pit, Carole King, Kanye West
How He Describes His Style: Professional with some fashion twists. A Mix of prep and sporty.
Style Influences: Sammy Davis Jr., old school Bill Cosby, designer Michael Bastian.

Sabir's suit was custom made by Indochino.

Those shoes, worn without socks (as seems more and more common in the world of prep/business casual) are by Johnston and Murphy. Check out Sabir's campaign for them here

In 2010, Sabir was picked by Esquire Magazine  as one of the five, "Best Dressed Real Men in America." It's easy enough to see why. No doubt Sabir is also one of the best dressed college admissions officers in America. As an anthropologist, however, I can't let the term "real men" just fly by. As opposed to what? I'm looking forward to Esquire's list of the top five best dressed fake men. Perhaps they call those "celebrities."

Sabir's shirt is also custom-made by Enzo, Philadelphia bespoke tailors. There's a theme here. Sabir is a man whose stuff fits him exactly right. I have no idea what that feels like. 

It's all about the details. The pocket square is by Fifth & Brannan

I'm beginning to feel like a spokesperson here, all of a sudden. At what point is my academic integrity compromised by all the brand names I've dropped? Let's find out! 

Notice, by the way, all of the personalized elements on Sabir's wrist. It used to be that the tie was a well-dressed man's only option for accessorizing. Not anymore. Still, most individualized elements, like tattoos and piercings, remain coverable by one's sleeves. 

Follow Sabir on Twitter @MensStylePro or check out his pics as style guru for NBC Philadelphia's That Girl, That Guy. And stay tuned for next week's Philly Style Profile, Fajr Muhammad of Stylish Thought.


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