Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Philly Style Blogger Profile: Shana Draugelis, Ain't No Mom Jeans

Name: Shana Draugelis
Blog: Ain't No Mom Jeans
Age: 36
Hometown: Marquette, Michigan
Based In: Ardmore, Pennsylvania 
Day Job: Full-time mom to two boys, part-time crazy smart engineer, doing stuff you wouldn't understand anyway.
What She's Listening to These Days: "You mean besides Elmo Sings?" Fun. This mix CD her kids like to dance to that has Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Beyonce, and a melange of today's Top-40 hits on it. Oh, and she just discovered dubstep. Life will never be the same.
Style Influences: Kate Moss, Siena Miller. "Both make my heart go pitter patter."

Shana started blogging after the birth of her first child, Raines. She had been into fashion and style for a long time, but being a mom messed with everything. She had no time, got no sleep, and had to chuck most of the stuff in her closet. And what she had left got rapidly covered in food, breast milk, and god knows what else. The blog became her personal documentation of her journey back into fashion. She now pulls in some 184,000 pageviews a month. When she recommends an item of clothing to her readers, it tends to sell out. Now if only she could find a way to make the blog profitable. She'd probably have to switch to menswear for that.  

Shana's ring is by Lindsay Bloom, her earrings (below) purchased on Etsy. Her purse is a hand-me-down from her mom. The shirt is Chloé. The cape is by Madewell. "To verify my hipster credentials," she says, tongue firmly in cheek.

In addition to advice, anecdotes, and product reviews, a good portion of Shana's blog is mom street style. Unlike me, however, she doesn't go out specifically to find people to shoot. She's a mom, a blogger, and an engineer, for Christ's sake. She doesn't have that kind of time. So she stops other moms running mom errands while she's out running mom errands herself. Shana takes the shots as quickly as she can on her iPhone 4S, before both moms' kids make a break for it.

Shana's jeans are J Brand "Love Story." Her shoes, hidden beneath the flare, are Nine West. I am resisting the urge to end this post with a gratuitous reference to her blog's name. Let's just say, these do not appear to be mom jeans that she's wearing.


  1. J'adore. ANMJ is my daily happy pill.

  2. I discovered her blog during my first year of stay-at-home mothering, and it was a salve to my sense of anomie, both staying at home with kids after a 15-year career and having just moved to the UK.

  3. This woman is such a legend! :-)

  4. She is life-changing.

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