Friday, August 3, 2012

Philly Style Blogger Profile: Alex Delany

Name: Alex Delany
Blog: The Pantalones
Age: 19
Hometown: Wenonah, New Jersey
Based in: Ewing, New Jersey
Day Job: Graphic Design student at the College of New Jersey, intern at Commonwealth Proper, a Philadelphia-based bespoke tailor.
What He's Listening to These Days: Blues and soul-driven music, experimental hip hop, RJD2, DJ Shadow, Rhymesayers Collective.
How He Describes His Style: A mix of casual Italian and classic American. He likes mixing "highs and lows," a pair of chinos, for example, with a great unstructured jacket. He is seeking the balance, he says, between tailored and casual.
Favorite Designers/Brands: Sid Mashburn, Jeremy Hackett, Incotex
Style Influences: Nick Sullivan (of Esquire Magazine), Sid Mashburn, Jeremy Hackett

Alex got into blogging about a year back, largely due to the encouragement of his friends. They had noticed Alex undergoing a personal and stylistic transformation, from a T-shirt, cardigan, and jeans-clad indie rocker to an aspiring bespoke-tailored gentleman. So he started his Tumblr, The Pantalones, as a visual diary of the change. Today it has some 5,000 followers. 

Alex sees the blog as something of an online portfolio. He would like to break into fashion branding, and it has served as a sort of self-made internship. He's learning the ropes of marketing, how to contact established companies for potential partnerships and collaborations, and how to develop and maintain a consistent brand image. 

So what is Alex's brand image? A little Oxford prep, a little New England gentry. He aligns himself with the "tailored casual movement," a wing of the latest menswear revival that pairs seersucker pants with sockless wingtips. It's a sharp look, no doubt, and is already quite visible on the streets of Philly. Nonetheless, Alex says that people ask him all the time if he's on his way somewhere fancy or if there's a special occasion for him dressing this way. "Nah," he answers, "just on my way to class."


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