Friday, March 21, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Harry, Walnut St

It wasn't until I introduced myself to Harry, on a crowded Center City sidewalk as I set up my shot, that I realized that I'd photographed him before,back in April of 2013. Click here to see those shots. 

In this image he's wearing a thrifted race car t-shirt over an American Apparel shirt, a Pabst Blue Ribbon cap, Zara "wax denim" pants (don't call them fake leather!), a pair of Doctor Martens boots and a Doctor Martens backpack that you can't really see in this shot. When I asked Harry how he would describe his style, he said, "I guess street style," which seems appropriate for our purposes here. Like a lot of people, he at first drew a blank when I asked him about his musical tastes. I would too, if someone were to ask me. But eventually  he came up with "minimal" and "house."

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