Monday, March 24, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Lauren, Sansom St

I stopped Lauren with a group of her friends as they walked up 15th St towards Chestnut. "I always wanted to do that!" she said to me, when I told her I do a street style blog called Urban Fieldnotes. "Well, now's your chance," I said. "No," she clarified, "I always wanted to be the one taking the pictures, of all those interesting people." Well, I didn't exactly make that happen for her, but I did eventually get her to agree to let me take hers.

In this shot she's wearing a crop top that you can't see. She usually gets hers from Forever 21, but this one she got as a gift. The Versace-inspired jacket is vintage, via Buffalo Exchange. The pants are Forever 21. The shoes are Adidas. One of her bracelets is BCBG. The others the picked up "at some store on South St." The rings are from JC Penney. When I asked her how she would describe her style, she drew a blank. So she asked her friends, who also drew a blank. Finally, she asked me, "I suggested "colorful" and "bright." She agree, explaining that she likes to mix and match patterns, especially ones that don't go together. I think that tendency is clearly on view in this look, and I endorse it. Her stance on music is similar to her stance on colors: she listens to "everything." Whenever someone tells me that, I keep listening until I hear the "but." Seems like everyone listens to "everything" these days. Except for all those things they don't listen to. 

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