Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Harry, Sansom St

I have no idea how to describe Harry's look, and I'm not even going to try. But I like its brash simplicity, and I like its failure to coalesce into any one singular style.  

I haven't been asking people what they're wearing lately. Mainly because it has just never felt natural for me to do so. I don't particularly care about brands and don't really want to be implicated in anyone's online guerrilla marketing strategy. I always felt kinda cheap and dirty listing the brands people were wearing, even when the express purpose was research-driven. Plus, I want these pictures to be about the people wearing clothes, rather than the clothes themselves. But I'm beginning to think it's time to start paying attention to it again, in part because a number of my readers have told me they appreciate it when I do, and in part for what it can tell me about the relationship between what people wear and who they are. It's time for me to start paying attention to the specifics of what people wear, the subtle distinctions and differences.  After all, it's not enough to say that Harry is wearing a baseball cap. He's wearing a baseball cap that says "Rub it easy, make it hard." 

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