Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New York Street Style: Kelsey, Greene St

I caught Kelsey leaving a store on Greene St. Sometimes it takes a moment or two to assess whether or not I want to take someone's photo. Sometimes I have to see them pass a couple of times first. With Kelsey, however, I'd walked up and asked to take her picture before I even had time to process her appearance. My style radar was functioning on automatic, and with style radar, I've learned, that's when it's functioning best. 

Kelsey is wearing a jacket, scarf, and pair of shoes from All Saints. Her pants are Zadig and Voltaire. Her awesome riff on a Sex Pistols T-shirt is by Patricia Fields. That hat is her one nod to the middle-market. It's from Free People

After I took her picture, Kelsey told me it was nice to have someone affirm her sense of style. I get that reaction from time to time. I always wonder, though, if they wouldn't rather have someone better dressed than me affirm it. I was all basic black winter wear that day.

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