Monday, February 3, 2014

New York Street Style: Clara Buchanan, Greene St

I feel, I must admit, a certain amount of liberal guilt that I spent all of Friday scouring the streets of SoHo for street style and ended up shooting nothing but tall, beautiful white women, all of whom could have been models, and at least one of whom definitely was. I'll do better representing a diverse sample next time, I promise. Clara, featured here, is signed with Fenton Moon model management. When I stopped her, she insisted on taking off her jacket, which she said was "not interesting," and then, like a real pro, suffered through 32 degree temperature for the duration of our shoot. She told me this is the first time she's been stopped by a street style photographer in SoHo. It usually happens, she said, in the Meat Packing District. I told her that surprised me, because I'd seen several street style photographers shooting in SoHo during my time there. And I had. SoHo is like the native habitat of the street style photographer. The backdrops are beautiful in a gritty, post-industrial, Gotham City kinda way, and there are more models per capita than probably any other neighborhood on earth. 

Here, Clara is wearing a vintage necklace, a knitted jacket with a hood by Isabel Benenato, a scarf she borrowed from her "male compadre," and a swimsuit coverup that she's wearing as a dress. She describes her style as "dark, goddessy, fallen angely." As for music, she prefers electronica. Lately, she's been listening to a lot of Nero.

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