Thursday, February 6, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Meg, 15th St

My time out on the streets of Philly has been pretty limited lately. Fortunately, this past Tuesday — prior to the mass power outage that set me, and much of the rest of the city back a day or two — I didn't have anything I needed to do between classes so I headed into Center City to see if I could find anything in the half hour or so I had to wander. And I did. I found Meg in this awesome coat "handmade by Canadian Eskimos" (as it reads on the label — I am not endorsing the word "Eskimo," by the way, and am aware that "Inuit" is the preferred term of the community itself). Her mom brought it back for her from Canada. Her pants are some pair of dance pants she wears in the studio. She's a dancer, she told me, and she's trying to own it by wearing dance pants — once derided for being horribly uncouth — out in public. The snow boots are by Ralph Lauren, "but that's not important." The hat is from her favorite thrift store at York and Aramingo. Meg's style, she says "is comfortable and urban." Later she added "colorful" to the mix. On a dreary winter day in downtown Philly, colorful is what stood out.   


  1. omg the blackout hit philly too? im from bmore and it hit us early in the morning s few days ago ! im in love with this coat, it goes so well with her boots and hat. she has such great style and this is a wonderrfully taken photo. :)

  2. the more politically correct term is Inuit (no Canadian appended). the E-word there is very similar to the N-word here.
    what a stunning coat!!! and practical too.

  3. @beautifulmonday Yes, I'm aware, but thanks for the correction. Perhaps I should have made it clearer that I was quoting the label on the coat. I'll do that.


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