Monday, January 12, 2015

21 Days of Street Style: Day 4, Alex, Chestnut St

Alex, like many of the people I stop, struggles to define what it is that makes Philadelphia style unique. "Philly's kind of like a little bit, like, dirtier," she told me. "There's a lot of mixed styles here, but at least with my friends, it's kind of the thrift store hipster with a little bit more of an edge [thing]." She does her own share of shopping at thrift stores, and in this shot she's wearing a thrifted pair of jeans ("I think they're American Eagle, or something"), and thrifted boots. Not that she's a thrift store kind of person. "I'd say you caught me on a good thrift store day," she said. She has no idea what the hat is. The jacket is from Express. Alex, as you can probably tell by this point, is not real hung up on labels. She described her own style to me as "functional. Functional and warm, for the moment." Fair enough. It's cold in Philly right now. 

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