Sunday, January 11, 2015

21 Days of Street Style: Day 3, Guido, Walnut St

Guido recently moved to Philadelphia from Brooklyn, as one of his bandmates from their group Ghost & Sparrow lives here. He needed somewhere to hang for a while before he starts grad school at the London School of Economics next year. "It's an incredibly beautiful city," he said of his new, albeit temporary home. "Really good coffee. Really good beer. Those are sort of like your life checklist. If you have those, you're good." "And," he added, "it's extraordinarily affordable." "For as small a city as it is, Guido went on to say, "it's got a very sharp sense of fashion. Like, I remember when I used to come here a lot, like a year or two ago, and we would see some of the best-tailored suits I've ever seen in my entire life here." As for Guido's own sense of style, "I like to draw upon things made in the USA," he told me, "sort of like an Americana work-weary look. Recently, I've been pushing it towards more darker styles, sort of like Raf Simons, or someone like that." In this shot he's wearing some jeans from Rag & Bone, Redwing Iron Ranger boots, a Topman cardigan, and a "women's navy issue peacoat." "They don't really make them for my size," he explained.

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