Thursday, January 29, 2015

21 Days of Street Style: Day 21, Oceun, off 15th St

I met Oceun while shooting for Goorin Bros hats a couple of months back. That's one of the places he works, in addition to pursuing a career in modeling. I managed to catch him just before he cut off the dreads. I liked them. So did he. But they were a career liability for him, he explained. Modeling agencies think black men ought to have really short hair or shaved heads. The next time I saw him that's exactly what he had, hair shorn down to half an inch. He missed the dreads, but what are ya gonna do? 
In these shots, Oceun is decked out in day-off casual. The sweats are from Zara, the shirt is from Target. He's wearing it over a Diesel tank-top. The sneakers are Nike. He describes his style as "funky, fresh, trendy." "I go by how I feel," he explained. 
"There's no such thing as Philly style," Oceun told me, as if ending a debate waging on this blog for the last 21 days. "That's why I love this city. Everybody has, like, their own individual creativity, and they just make it happen."

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