Wednesday, January 28, 2015

21 Days of Street Style: Day 20, Nicole, Walnut St

Nicole didn't know any of the brands she was wearing in this shot, which is, I have to say, kind of refreshing. Though after a moment or two, she did remember one of them. "Um, Rock Candy are the boots," she said. "I do know that." She shops mostly at stores like American Apparel and online shops including Nasty Gal and Dolls Kill. She describes her style as "edgy street fashion" but also likes "classic elements like faux furs." I had no idea faux furs were classic. And she likes to layer. Leggings, for her, are a must. As for that scarf, she "knew [she] had to have it" when she saw it. "I'm really into Asian culture and Kabuki theater," she explained.  

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