Friday, August 22, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Taheira, 17th Street

I didn't realize I'd taken Taheira's picture before until after I stopped her, walking down Walnut Street this past Wednesday. And even then, I didn't quite recognize her. There was just a flash of familiarity that came over me. You can't blame me for that. Most of Center City looks familiar these days. And I've taken a lot of pictures these past two and a half years. Besides, Taheira looked quite a lot of different the last time I ran into her, back in February of 2012. Her style has most definitely evolved.

In these shots, Taheira is wearing a thrifted shirt over an H&M skirt. She didn't used to like H&M, she told me, or at least, she didn't want to like it. But then she saw some of the cute outfits her friends bought, and well, you know, they just kind of seduced her into shopping there. The bag is from Urban Outfitters. The sandals are Birkenstocks. "They're the cutest ugly shoes," said Taheira. 

Taheira describes her style as "versatile, classic, and simple." As for music, she listens to a lot of rap and R&B. PartyNextDoor and YG are some of her top picks at the moment. 

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