Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Ed, 18th Street

I picked up my rental DSLR today in anticipation of tomorrow's DÎner en Blanc, then slapped my trusty 50mm lens on it and hit my old street style stomping grounds. Ed was the first cool-looking dude I came across. In these shots he's wearing a Fred Perry shirt, a pair of black Levi's Jeans, Clarks shoes and vintage glasses. The hat is a porkpie, though he doesn't know what brand or remember exactly where he got it. The watch is Timex. Ed described his style to me as "rude," to which I asked, "as in rude boy?," the 1960s, sharply dressed Jamaican look that preceded reggae dreads, if you're not familiar with it. In the UK it would go on to inspire mod and the original skinheads. "Yeah," he confirmed. That, I told him, is the first time I've heard that answer out on the streets of Philly. But I'm glad I did. Rude boy is one of my favorite looks from the street style vaults. Ed, even in his musical tastes keeps it old school: soul, reggae, the Philly throw-back Jamaican act The Snails. He's a class act.  

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