Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Ezekiel, 16th St

"I hate it when people ask 'Why are you dressed up?," Ezekiel told me, as we chatted in the midst of the pedestrian free-for-all that is Walnut Street, "because this is always me." 

"Life is the occasion to dress up for," I concurred.

"Precisely, my friend," said Ezekiel. "I believe my head is a crown actually, so I wear this fedora to keep all the royalty in and make sure nobody is playing with my hair or anything like that. And I kind of hide behind the mask of these Ray-Bans and take ‘em off for business sometimes. Those are my two staples. Then I just go with my heart every morning."

"And what’ve you got on today?" I asked.

“Right, a Timex  timepiece, a blazer from I don’t remember where, some kind of oxford-navy-blue color and this bow-tie from Aldo."

"What are those shoes, do you know?"

"These are... Stacy Adams."

"And the fedora?"

"The fedora… Jesus is Lord… I think I got it on Walnut… at an H&M, yeah."

"Fair enough. And are you a sock-free kind of guy during the summer?"

"I believe that the warmest days call for no socks at all. So, in the Spring, even in the Winter, if it’s warm – there’ll be no socks on my feet at all. I’m really, really not a fan of socks unless it’s the heart of autumn, in which case  I’ll wear the craziest kinds you’ll ever imagine, because the sock game is ridiculous."


  1. He has got it all goin' on. I would buy that man a drink just to get to chat with him.

  2. "The sock game is ridiculous" <--- I love this. Awesome socks are sexy.

    This outfit is amazing! I love his look. He looks clean and put together, but not in an unapproachable way. He seems like he was fun to talk to.

  3. Thanks Tara and Forest City Fashionista! He was one of the coolest cats I've talked to in a while. Also very politically engaged and civic-minded.


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