Monday, August 4, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Emily, Chestnut St

Emily describes her style as "bohemian rocker." "But I always like to switch it up," she says, "and do something a little weird. If an indie rocker and an alien had a baby, that's me." 

"And am I to guess from your description of your style," I asked, "that you’re an indie rock kind of person?" 

"I am an indie rock kind of person," she confirmed.
Emily is originally from Florida and came to Philly to study. She noticed right away that the city had a bit more grit to its style than she was used to. That's fine with her. "They like to be a bit on the dirtier side," she says of Philadelphians, "which I think just totally suits the city." In Florida, it's "a lot more clean-cut and like '80s styles." "Very vibrant," she added. Since she moved here, she told me, she's been wearing a lot more earth tones.
When I stopped her, Emily was wearing a chiffon blouse along with vintage jewelry that her grandma picked up from overseas. Her shorts are from Urban Outfitters. Her belt is from Free People. The boots are Lucky Brand. 

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