Friday, July 4, 2014

Urban Fieldnotes X Dahsar

I met Rashad Rastam, the creative force behind Dahsar, a Philly-based streetwear label, on the scene of my shoot for Aphillyated Apparel a couple of weeks back. He contacted me a week or so ago to see if I'd shoot Dahsar's latest collection for them. Rashad supplied the model, Jose Rivera, aka Jiggah Fonzarelli. I supplied the camera equipment and photographic knowhow. These shots are some of the best to come out of that shoot. 

Expect to see more Philly streetwear brands featured on the blog in the coming months. Streetwear is booming in Philly, and I can only spend so much time combing the streets of Center City in this heat. As Rashad said to me yesterday, "Everybody's got their own streetwear brand now!" Thank you, Rashad, for succinctly summing up the argument of my first book, DIY Style.


  1. I want the snap backs! Oohh can't wait to see who else you feature in the future. :)

  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Amelia! Looking forward to finding out who I'm featuring next too.


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