Friday, June 20, 2014

Urban Fieldnotes X Aphillyated Apparel

The other day I was invited to crash the photo shoot of Aphillyated Apparel, a Philly-based streetwear company that I've been in communication with for a while. I've been wanting to start featuring Philly fashion brands on the site, and they've been wanting to brand their company with more of an urban vibe. So it seemed like a natural fit. Who better than an aging anthropologist with a professor beard and bucket hat to lend their company the edge it needs?! 

It was a fun shoot, in part because their aesthetic is so fundamentally different than my own. I tend to single out the black-clad and the idiosyncratic. They're more about bold colors and bulging biceps. I shoot dudes with tattoos and piercings posing in darkened alleyways. We shot this homage to Abercrombie & Fitch in a sunny baseball field in South Philly. 


  1. This was a dope shoot! I especially like the photos on the basketball court. Great job~

    1. thanks, Simbarashe! Trying my hand at something new. Expect more editorials of Philly brands coming soon.


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