Monday, March 17, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Lukas, Chestnut St

Finally, I have new pictures to post from the streets of Philadelphia! It's been a long time coming. First, a brutal winter drove fashion indoors or buried it beneath a pile of layers. Then, I got buried beneath a pile of work that I'm just beginning to dig my way out of. Then, New York Fashion Week came, supplied me with thousands of pictures, and provided a neat justification for the complete lack of motivation I had to suffer through the cold for the sake of photo-documenting style. But all that's coming to an end. Spring is here (or nearly — it is, in fact, snowing outside as I write this), and I'm ready to be a Philly-based street style blogger again. 

But here's the thing: it's one thing to decide you're going back out on the streets, and it's quite another to actually get some shots. Friday was my first successful day back on the streets of Philly, but it wasn't my first day back out. I'd actually gone out a couple of times prior to that and come back with nothing. I don't know if it was Philadelphia or me. It's hard to adjust from shooting at Fashion Week, where style is so completely lacking in subtlety you hardly have to look for it. And it's hard to get your style radar working again, when it's been sitting idle for so long. This past Friday, I walked around for nearly four hours before I finally decided to stop someone. That someone was Lukas, a fashion student, single-handedly bringing back the headband bandana.

Here, Lukas is wearing a jacket by American Eagle Outfitters, another jacket beneath it by Lost and Found by Ria Dunn, a shirt from Guess, a pair of Diesel jeans, and a pair of Puma sneakers by Hussein Chalayan. Lukas describes his style as "causal streetwear." He's been listening to a lot of Grimes and Crystal Castles lately.


  1. I must agree, this winter has been hell for us, but I always felt like I had limits when it came to winter fashion. There's always the thought of, trying to keep warm so I don't get sick that comes into play. And then I have this nice outfit underneath this bulky jacket. Hence why, my friends and I have been staying in doors. Not that it helped me, came back from Europe the sudden weather change from warm to cold got me sick. -_- I really need spring and warmth to come soon. I did a ton of shopping, & I just can't wait to go out and wear it, flaunt it, style it, and love it.

    Don't know how I found your blog, glad I did. Nice to know this city isn't as bad as it keeps making me believe. Really looking forward to see more of your Philadelphia Street Style posts!

    1. Thanks @BabyyBear. Maybe I'll catch you on the streets one of these days in your new European clothes! feel better.

    2. Thank you! ^_^ and you never know, maybe just maybe. If it's meant to be, it will happen. Unless you don't believe in fate and only in coincidence.


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