Friday, March 14, 2014

Camouflaged in White, outside Thakoon, 22nd St, New York

outside Thakoon
I'm sure PETA is not happy about it (and rightfully so), but clearly fur is back in a big way. Yes, it was very cold at New York Fashion Week this season, but it wasn't Siberia cold. There were other materials available that would have sufficed to keep people warm. But people were determined to wear fur, as if it were a grand gesture, a "don't-tell-me-what-to-wear" kind of gesture, an "I-don't-give-a-shit-about-your-ethics" sort of gesture. Now I'm all for defiant sartorial gestures, but I think in this case, the fur crowd is defying the wrong people. There's a reason fur went out of fashion, and it was a good reason: the needless slaughter and inhumane treatment of animals. That's why a number of websites still won't post street style pics with fur in them. That's why bloggers often get flack from their readers when they post pictures of people wearing fur. I considered this position, before posting this and yesterday's photos, and I decided I'd be remiss in my duties as an anthropologist if I didn't accurately depict what was actually happening at Fashion Week. And fur is happening. I'm not thrilled about that, but there it is. Still, I have to admit, I kinda dig the abominable snowman-meets-Bond-girl look this woman is going for. Now if only I could convince her to go with faux fur instead. 

(Disclaimer: if this were faux fur, I would have no idea. It is, in fact possible, she is already wearing faux fur. If so, good for her. But that would make her in the minority at Fashion Week)

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