Friday, June 14, 2013

Philadelphia Street Style: Kaile, Walnut St

I read an Independent Fashion Blogger post the other day that complained that too many street style shots are taken from the wrong angle, with the photographer either shooting their subjects straight on or looking down at them, giving, in the process, an undue amount of focus to the concrete they're standing on. The writer suggested that photographers ought to be crouched down, making sure that the horizon lines of their image never goes above the waistline of the subject. It elongates the legs of their subjects, and minimizes the presence of the sidewalk. So that's what I did in this image. Does it make a huge difference? I'm not sure. I like the angle just fine. And I think it's flattering to Kaile. But sometimes I like my concrete to dominate my image. What's street style without a street?

Kaile is wearing all H&M in these shots. Amazing how versatile that damn brand is.

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  1. I could tell it was a different angle, and I think it looks good, but I think seeing every photo shot that way would wear thin.


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