Thursday, June 13, 2013

Outside the Commes des Garçons store, 22nd St, New York

Usually when I frame a picture, I try to make the subject pop out of the background. I went for the opposite approach on this one. Although this photo was technically taken "on the street" in New York, don't for a minute believe that this woman just happened to be dressed this way — in multiple animal prints and fur — on an average day in February. This was shot, like many so-called "street style" pics of certain famous bloggers, down the street from a runway show at New York Fashion Week. This shot, in fact, was taken as Reed Krakoff was letting out. I don't know if this is stacking the decks, but whether it gets to count as genuine street style is another question.


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    1. I'm with you. And I like that it looks so much like the wall behind her.


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