Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On Not Taking Pictures

Yesterday I spent two hours shooting on South St. I didn't take any pictures. I can never tell for sure if it's them or me. But I'm past the point of taking pictures just to make sure I have something to post. I don't need to post that badly. 

I notice a common narrative among style bloggers in general. We tend to move from taking and posting lots of pictures—maniacally producing content for the sake of having content—towards gradually becoming more selective. Most bloggers, it seems, barring those who blog for a living, post no more than two or three posts a week once they are settled into their blogging routine. More than that might start to compromise the integrity of the posts. Professionalizing means minimizing. It means slowing down, taking your time, posting only "quality" content. 

For the record, however, I did find one good shot yesterday. I just couldn't catch up to him. 

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