Monday, June 4, 2012

Crafting Style in the Philly Suburbs — Dispatches from Clover Market

After a year in the Philly suburbs, I feel pretty comfortable with the assertion that the area known as the Main Line is not a stylish place. It may be the 13th wealthiest district in the US, home to more than its share of blue bloods and Ivy Leaguers,  but it is nowhere near the 13th most fashionable. Money does not necessarily equal fashion. Economic capital can't buy subcultural capital. Nonetheless, the residents of the area do feel an occasional need to up the quality of their aesthetic lives. Hence Clover Market, a quirky craft and art fair held in a parking lot in Ardmore. Note that Ardmore has to import its hipsters from the city for the event. Here are some shots:

Kimberly of Chez-Sucre-Chez. I featured her here a couple weeks ago as well. 

Erin and Megan of Art Star

Colleen of Colleen Attara Studio.

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