Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday on South Street

Ashley, just off South St. I took several more straightforward shots of her, but this one, of her signing my photo release, turned out to be my favorite. Yes, they all sign photo releases. 
Jessica, Philadelphia Magic Gardens. The best place in the city.

Sean and DeShana, South Street. There is no better accessory than a musical instrument. It's a bass, in case you were wondering.

Handbags aren't bad either. This one has the whole indie craft thing happening. You can tell, because the motif is of an owl.

Andy, 3rd St, Old City. I noticed the shoes first.
But I also like the jacket. It's get more complex the closer you get to it.

Andy is the managing director of an ad agency. When I said I was doing a street style blog, he asked, "You mean like the Sartorialist?" "Yes," I answered, "but not nearly as competent." He told me that he and his friends dress differently when they go to New York City these days, because you never know when you'll be shot by a street style photographer.  After I explained my project, he shared his personal theory about street style blogging. It starts as a passion, but to maintain itself, it has to turn into a profession. What do you all think?

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