Saturday, March 31, 2012

Current Trends I Like on Street Style Blogs

1) The Decontextualized Detail Shot - Not only do we not know who these people are, we don't even know what else they're wearing! Fashion, after all, is in the details. Why not just depict them? But these shots also provide insight we wouldn't get otherwise.

Reposted from Mister Mort. The detail here gives emphasis to the play of patterns and clash of textures.

Reposted from Jak and Jil,  The focus on only the lower half of the body adds drama and mystery. The shoes striking concrete is quite appealing, as is the bat-like starkness of the skirt bottoms. Also, the decontextualization creates an interesting androgyny. I don't know whether, in fact, to read the stabs of fabric as skirt bottoms at all.

2) The classy/sophisticated older gentleman on a bike - I have vested interest in this trend. After all, I will be an old man someday, not perhaps, that long from now. And I fully intend to ride a bike when I become one. In fact, I am already practicing for the part - except for the riding a bike thing. I've also started the process of incrementally accruing old man wardrobe items so that I will be well equipped when the time comes. Old man style never goes out of style. It's all the rage among the kids these days.
Reposted from The Sartorialist. The old man on a bike look is even more awesome with a big bushy beard! Thank you, Scott Schuman, for doing your part to make old man on a bike style such a fashion staple. You, no doubt, are more responsible for this trend than anyone.

This shot, I admit, is sort of cheating. It comes from Advanced Style, a street style blog (if that's the right word) dedicated entirely to older individuals. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful example of the trend. If you haven't checked out Ari Seth Cohen's blog, you should. It's rather fabulous. He also has a book coming out.

3. Gratuitous shots of Angelo Flaccavento- Or perhaps this is a misnomer. There are no gratuitous shots of Angelo Flaccamento. There are only good, and even better shots of Angelo Flaccavento. The Italian fashion journalist has made himself into a critical capture of any street style photographer worth her weight in salt. And I can understand why. He has done nearly as much for promoting old man style as Scott Schuman, not to mention what he's done for beards, bow ties, and horned-rim glasses. The idolatry has been earned. And these shots, by the way, are only the tip of the Angelo iceberg. He's been featured everywhere from Citizen Couture to Mister Mort.

Reposted from The Locals.

Reposted from The Sartorialist

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