Monday, February 22, 2016

Philadelphia Street Style: Charlene, Walnut St

I'm taking a break from posting my pictures from New York Fashion Week. After a while, those images start to get old. All flash and no substance. Clothes that even those adorned in them don't actually wear apart from Fashion Week. I start to get hungry for something more grounded in everyday experience, something that feels more "real" or "authentic." So last Friday, I went out scouting the streets of Philadelphia. That's where I saw Charlene.

She describes her style as "eclectic." "Some days," she says, "I wanna dress up, and I wear a dress. Other times I wanna dress funky, and I wear holey jeans and cowboy boots." In this shot she's wearing a fox fur jacket from Maximilian Furs (go ahead and send me your hate mail, animal rights activists, but I am reporting, not endorsing), Via Spiga suede shoes (off frame), sunglasses which may or may not be Tom Ford, and some off-brand plaid pants.  


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