Monday, August 17, 2015

Old School Philly Street Style: Reece, 13th St

Black and white film photography has plenty of affordances that digital photography generally lacks: a richness of tones, a cinematic look, a tendency to draw its viewers' attention to shapes, contrasts, patterns, and themes that often disappear into the spectacle of color. But it has its limitations for street style work. For one, you can't see how colorful Reece's outfit is. The dynamic yellows, greens, and reds get translated into a solemn grid of grays. Is that what film photographer's mean when they claim that black and white does a better job of capturing the "essence" of a subject? The subject is reduced to its most basic visual attributes: pattern, shadow, tone. Perhaps it is easier to see a person when you strip away the clutter. 

Reece is a model, stylist, and artist, and the creative force behind Reece Ford Design (@reeceforddesign on Instagram). In this shot, she is wearing a top and a set of bracelets of her own design. Her earrings and necklace are from Bella Turka. The jeans are UNIQLO. The boots, of course, are Doc Martens. Reece describes her style as "very artistic and eclectic." 

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