Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Megan, 4th St, Philadelphia

I pulled Megan out of the quirky vintage and antique shop Jinxed, where she works, to get these shots. I liked her indie kid take on the 1980s preppy/jock look. Her style is steeped in nostalgia, but not bogged down in it. It's got the mood of an early John Hughes movie. 
In keeping with her place of employment, Megan wears mostly vintage clothes, often purchased at Philly AIDS Thrift just a couple of blocks away. She describes her style as "low maintenance," and I think it's an apt description. It's easy and unfussy. She wears high-waisted mom jeans and makes them look cool. 
Megan's a Reading, PA native, but not some knee-jerk, dyed in the wool Phillies fan. The starter jacket, she told me, she bought as a gift for a friend of hers online. It turned out to be too small for her friend. "I didn't realize it was supposed to be a youth large, and I [thought I] ordered a regular large," she told me. "And then it came, and I thought, ok, I get a new jacket!"
Megan's pants are vintage Gap. Her shoes are navy blue penny loafers. She doesn't know the brand. Why would she? Thrift store shopping is about finding what you can find. It takes patience and a certain casual disregard for the label-obsession of the status-conscious.

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