Friday, March 13, 2015

James, Ubiq Shop, Walnut St, Philadelphia

"I would describe my style as casual, kind of just laid back, you know," James told me, reclining in the shop window of Ubiq on Walnut Street. "I really like the term of 'work with what you've got,' 'cause that's what I do. I don't really buy too much stuff all the time, but I keep a lot of pieces at home that I like to style together. Sometimes you might see it again, but it will always be in a different way, because I like to keep it original."

The pants James is wearing were made by a friend from Africa — James wasn't sure which part. He had just met her at a friend of his' place in the Bronx. She, apparently, liked James' and his brothers' sense of style and threw together some pants for them "right then and there."

The shoes, of course, are the original Air Jordans. They are now iconic. I recognized them from across the street.

The T-shirt is Billionaire Boys' Club. "Pharrell is like my idol," said James. The bomber jacket is from H&M. "I needed something simple, so I could style it up the way I wanted to." In this case, that includes a pendant by a friend of his who goes by "Easy Summers." His brand, through which he distributes his pendants, is called Natural Born Heartbreakers. All his designs feature a broken heart. The ring he got through the website of a new California company called Golden Gods. The necklace is from a brand with a bit more storied of a history. It's Chanel.

As for those glasses: "They aren't really anything special. They are just prescription. They were prescribed to me, because I can't see."

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