Monday, March 30, 2015

Bianca, South St, Philadelphia

Bianca, like most of us, doesn't expend an enormous amount of energy thinking about her clothes. She likes things that are "comfortable" and fit well, and tends to wear items she likes over and over again. Those jeggings, for instance, she, wears year round. They were "really cheap," but "they're just comfortable, even if it's like hot or cold outside." They kind of "go with whatever [she's] doing." The boots are Steve Madden, and she wears them all the time too. They are also "comfortable." The jacket is a men's jacket. Bianca says about half her clothes are men's clothes. "I just like the way it fits," she says, of the jacket. You may notice a theme here. Comfort is the primary criterion for what Bianca wears. She describes her style as "comfortable" and chooses clothes that feel comfortable on her. Just don't start thinking "comfortable" is a value-neutral term, some objective description of the way at item fits or feels. We are "comfortable" in clothes that fit "us," not just our bodies, clothes that match our current conception of self, that enable us to move smoothly through social situations without attracting undue attention or getting in the way of what we long to become.     

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