Monday, March 23, 2015

Arthur, Walnut St, Philadelphia

"I don't really like to hop on the trend train," Arthur told me, outside the Urban Outfitters on Walnut St. "But there are certain things you wanna catch and just add to your style as it progresses." Like the imitation leather motorcycle jacket he's wearing. Perfecto motorcycle jackets have crossed the line from fad to wardrobe staple these last few months, as everyone from fashion interns to hip hop heads have added them to their "must have" list. Arthur is wearing his — a Forever 21 jacket he bought at Buffalo Exchange for "super cheap" — over a Zara denim blue jacket with hood, a "full-length long T-shirt with side zips" — he doesn't know the brand — and a G-Star red plaid shirt he tied around his waste. He has paired it with some super skinny jeans and some classic Converse "Chuck All-Stars." "I like to take trends but mix [them] in with stuff I've been doing for a long long time," says Arthur. "Fashion is definitely a progression."  

Arthur is the artist, graphic designer, and co-founder behind MollyMachine, a local T-shirt company. 


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