Friday, January 16, 2015

21 Days of Street Style: Day 8, David, Chestnut St

David's style, he explained,"is very metro meets classic. It's English, a little bit French, and it's a lot of Philadelphia."

"What is Philadelphia to you, in terms of style?" I asked, following up on his statement. 

"It's an old town. It's where families first came to America and settled. It's where they still are. This is home, not work. So people are here kind of because they get classic America. And they love to have their hands on everything. So it's very relaxed meets sophistication."

In these shots, David is wearing a jacket by Kemitch. The coat is bespoke. The minks are from Jacques Ferber. The shoes are Hugo Boss and the bag Kenneth Cole. Both are made from crocodile skin. He couldn't remember the brand of his pants at the time but Facebooked me later to let me know they were Banana Republic.  

"Sorry to hold you up," I said to the woman David was with. "No problem," she told me. "This happens all the time."

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