Monday, January 26, 2015

21 Days of Street Style: Day 18, Sam, 17th St

Sam describes his style as modern casual," and "business appropriate." He is dressed for work in these shots—as manager of a British pub—but this is how he dresses in his off-time as well. For the younger generation of urban American men, jackets and ties are no longer a burden to wear, a stale uniform of corporate life; they are a form of sartorial expression, worn, by choice and with pride—and in combination with casual wear and workwear, like these faded denim jeans. Here, Sam is wearing a Zara sportscoat, with an Allen Edmonds suede vest, a J. Crew shirt and tie, J. Crew jeans, and a Kenneth Cole belt. The brogues are Cole Haan. 
"There's so much diversity," Sam says of Philadelphia style, "that there's kind of all these hands in the pot, trying to stir things up a little bit. You never have one real trending fashion statement. It's really everybody does what they feel like." Sam typically feels like wearing a jacket and tie. 

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