Thursday, January 22, 2015

21 Days of Street Style: Day 14, Deric, Rittenhouse

Deric is the designer behind Jeantrix, a local art and fashion brand that specializes in one-of-a-kind custom pieces. The motorcycle jacket he's wearing is one of his own creations. He's also wearing a a black hoodie (he's not sure where he got it), a pair of black skinny jeans from Hot Topic, and some Chuck Taylor black Converse All Stars. "I think they're best," he says, "when they're beat up." He describes his Chuck Taylors as his "comfort" and "go-to" shoes. "I have a lot of shoes," he explained, "but when I just want to get up, grab something basic, solid and go, I come straight to my Chuck Taylors. And I think they look right with almost everything." 
 Jeantrix began as something of a hobby for Deric. He'd already been decorating his own shoes and jeans and it just grew from there. Now he and his brand are beginning to dabble in their own cuts and designs, in addition to customization.
"I have faith in Philly style," Deric told me, "especially over the last year. I feel like it has grown a lot." 

"What do you think has happened over the last year to make that happen?" I asked. 

He thought about it for a moment and told me, "A lot more people are being more bold. I usually go to New York, and everybody is pretty much bold there. I think it just took a certain amount of people to just become bold and wear what they want, and other people come along and just, you know, hop on and do the same thing." As for Deric's own style, he describes it quite simply: "Street."

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