Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Eeg, Walnut St, Philadelphia

Eeg: I've just got on something plain. I’ve got this old green corduroy blazer I got at a thrift store five years ago. This jacket I got from Mad Rags, and I can’t afford nothing, so it’s just something I [picked up]. I actually am just coming from work, so these are work pants, and I've just thrown ‘em on top of my jeans just to keep my skinny legs warm."

Brent: It looks intentional though. It looks like a style. How do you describe your personal style?

Eeg: I would definitely call it "urban." I just try not to look like everyone else. So I can’t put it in a box, and I can’t put a name to it.

Brent: You know, I think that’s probably the way to go, in general. Are you from Philly?

Eeg: Yes, I’m born and raised here.

Brent: And do you think there’s… is there like a mood to Philly fashion? Is there a style that describes this place?

Eeg: I think there is. I think that everybody has their own taste. It makes it really interesting that everybody’s not dressed alike. And the way that I would like to dress, I would be like sticking out. So I haven’t gotten to that point yet.

Brent: But you’re working towards it?

Eeg: Yeah. I think women should dress like how women dressed in the 1900s, with the nice dresses, and where they’re still a mystery. Like now everything’s short and unbuttoned. It’s not like a mystery anymore. You can’t tell who’s a lady. I just wish we could take it back to a time when every lady was classy. So I’m still stuck in that era, when people were classy, so I’m working on making myself like that. I’m too skinny to have pants and stuff on.

Brent: Do you usually wear dresses?

Eeg: Yes. [In] all the pictures of myself [I'm wearing a dress].

Brent: Hopefully I’ll catch you wearing something like that out here.

Eeg: Yes. I hope so. I wish I was wearing one today.  

Brent: Well, we’ll make it happen one of these days. I’m out here a lot. 


  1. She looks fierce but has an elegance about her too. You can tell she has an innate sense of style because the proportion of the layers work, and she may not spend much money on her clothing, but she has a presence that makes it look very cool.

  2. Thanx! It jus comes natural. 😜Jus proveswe dont need alot of money or labels t be flyyyyy.


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