Monday, October 27, 2014

Rick Cao, behind Ps and Qs Shop, Kater St, Philadelphia

A few weeks back, my friend Alex contacted me suggesting I shoot the guys from Ps and Qs, a casual menswear/streetwear shop on South Street. Seemed like a good fit for the blog. I've been wanting to feature more Philly brands and businesses, in part as a way of exploring the contours of "Philly style," but also as a way of supporting the local fashion scene. Philly fashion is coming up in the world, and I want to be part of chronicling its rise. So a week back, I met up with Rick, Ky, and Saeed, the Ps and Qs gang, to do some street style shots in the vicinity of their shop. I'll be posting other shots from the shoot on Wednesday and Friday. All of the clothes featured are available at Ps and Qs.

Rick is wearing a wool work shirt from Topo Designs with a Waffle Grandpa from Gant Rugger underneath it. The pants are The Henley in Dry Selvedge by Baldwin Denim. His shoes are the Natural Vibram Sole Campboot by Oak Street Bootmaker


  1. Most of what Ps and Qs is selling is internet darling brands, though. Baldwin, N&F, Norse Projects - these are all brands that made it big on internet fashion forums first, before finally trickling down to this local store. Raw denim, for example, is a trend that only happened because of the internet. You can't even find raw denim in the regular stores, nevermind these specific brands! The only major chain that sells raw denim in Philly is Barney's. What does it mean when almost all boutique menswear stores are carrying raw denim and the only major chain that carries it is Barney's? Selvedge is similar, though it's a cheap enough quality that places like J Crew and Nordstrom Rack are starting to incorporate it into their chinos. How do you think the internet is affecting local style?


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