Monday, August 11, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Harlan, 16th St

Since my DSLR's been in the shop, I've been going all old school street style with my photography: straight up shots taken in front of a wall. That way you can't see how awful the depth of field on my back-up camera is. This camera's pretty functional with the straight ups, but then most cameras would be. And I have a weakness for that kind of photography anyway. No bells, no whistles, just a single individual, shot head-to-toe in front of a neutral surface. That's what you're getting until my camera's back. 

In this shot, Harlan is wearing an H&M gingham shirt over a Guess T-shirt, a pair of H&M skinny jeans, and Tommy Hilfiger leather shoes.The glasses are Magna Design. 

Harlan describes his style as "random." "Literally, it's just however I feel at the moment. I kind of wake up and toss things together." 

As for music, it's all about "rock, rap, and dubstep... and oddly enough, blue grass." Of course it is. 

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