Monday, July 28, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Evan, Sydenham St

While my camera's in the shop I'm continuing to dig through old Lightroom vaults and find photos that, for some reason or other, I never posted. Here's one of Evan, a Suitsupply employee I stopped during his lunch break. I think I decided not to post this before, because he just looks so squeaky clean in this shot, and I don't really do squeaky clean. I prefer at least a modicum of grit. I'm a "street style" photographer after all, and streets are dirty. But perhaps this is a prejudice I ought to work to overcome.

In case you haven't already guessed, Evan is wearing Suitsupply, head to toe, in this image. I heard Tim Gunn recommend this brand to Terry Gross on Fresh Air not that long ago, so you know they must be good. Or at least comping lots of clothes to Tim Gunn. 

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  1. Whoa Mr. Cleancut! I like grit. This squeaky clean outfit intimidates me.


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