Monday, June 16, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Davida, American St

Davida is Philly-based fashion blogger, who blogs at I met her first at the Cigars & Bowties party at Ashton Cigar Bar that kicked off Philly Mens' Style Week last Saturday night. When I ran into her again at Philly Men's Style Week, I pulled her outside for some quick shots before the runway show.
Her top in these pictures "is actually a dress. It’s by Temptations, a little boutique on South St." Her skirt is from Her shoes are Jessica Simpson from TJ Maxx, and her purse is from Laila Rowe, on 17th and Chestnut. 
Davida describes her style as "girly,""unique,""bright," and "fun." She wears heels most of the time, prefers dresses. As for music, she listens mainly to jazz.  


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