Monday, June 9, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Alyssa, 16th St

American Apparel scarf Lululemon
These shots of Alyssa are my first stab at fill flash. I'm pretty happy with them. It's one of a number of techniques I'm attempting to add to my photographic toolkit.
 Alyssa is wearing Lululemon leggings and top (an Urban Fieldnotes first) and an American Apparel scarf. The sleeveless army jacket is "from somewhere in Iowa" where Alyssa's from. 
When I asked Alyssa her impressions of Philly so far, she told me, "It's got potential." And it does. I just hope it lives up to it. This shot incidentally, is the only one in the bunch I took without a flash.It was the only part of the alley where the light wasn't patchy.
sleeveless army jacket
As for her music, Alyssa's been listening to a lot of James Blake and Sam Smith lately. But "she'll always love Kings of Leon."


  1. Love the vest and the scarf! This outfit is very "the Walking Dead meets Yogi" in a good way. :)

    1. I love that description, Amelia Mad. It captures it precisely.


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