Friday, May 23, 2014

Richie in Loose-Laced Docs and a Jimi Hendrix Tank

tattoos tank top Jimi Hendrix Doc Martens
This is the second time I've photographed Richie. The first was in April of 2013. His style is simple streetwear, enhanced by tattoos. I think he wears it well. I'm digging the Jimi Hendrix tank top, and I have a long time weakness for Doc Martens. I've been wearing them since I was a teenager. But can someone please tell me, when did people stop tying them? In my day, we laced them tight. Nowadays, shoes in general, at least among the urban fashion crowd, are worn as the shoe equivalent of saggy pants. Loose laces are everywhere. For sneakers, I totally get it. It undermines their functionality. It makes them into display objects rather than sportswear. It implies a cool, easy-going attitude. But when I see them on Docs and other hard leather boots, I just think "blisters." Just watch, though. 6 months from now I won't be tying mine either. It'll be so normal to see shoes go untied that I'll start to think it's the only way they look right.

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