Friday, May 16, 2014

Philadelphia Street Style: Eric, outside Armour, 4th St

Eric Hatcher is Creative Director of Armour, Philadelphia, a menswear boutique on S. 4th St. I attended their Cyber Saturday event last week. Eric described his style to me as "quirky at times, colorful at best, and anything but conservative," then added, "mildly understated, never over-rated.” His cargo pants are vintage Ralph Lauren, the shoes he described as "just some Jack Purcell kick-abouts... sneakers that I have had for many many years.”

The denim blazer he's wearing is by Prospective Flow out of Los Angeles. He is wearing a pocket square as a scarf. It's from Philly's own Ikiré Jones. The wooden lapel pin is by Two Guys Bowties. Each of those items are available at his store, Armour, as is his belt. The shirt he's had for years. It's probably the Gap or Banana Republic, he said.

The tiger-lilly bracelet is Eric's "own find." The double-twisted bracelet is Ralph Lauren. The double-sided, reversible ring is from Philly designer Danny Fox, and the belt, which features an American Buffalo Nickel buckle, is by Leather Island Belts by Bill Lanvin. The belt and ring are also available at Armour.

Eric, and Armour, have a menswear blog. It's called Fabric of a Man.


  1. Nice, versatile ensemble. Works perfectly especially for Urban dwellers who need to feel comfortable from the street to the office.

  2. Thanks, Echeveau and tommyellis!

  3. This guy's doing it right. Thanks for turning us all on to Armour as well. Love the blog. Keep it up...


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