Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eric in a Striped Bow Tie and a White Suit, Chestnut St

Brent: What you got on today, Eric?

Eric: Today I’m wearing a very affordable outfit. The suit is actually from H&M.

Brent: No kidding!

Eric: The shirt is from Calvin Klein, and the bowtie, I want to say, is Versace.

Brent: The one element that’s not quite as affordable as the others.

Eric: Well, you know what, it’s called getting them on sale. And then my shoes I got from Europe. From Russia. I don’t know what the brand is, but that’s where they come from.

Brent: Was that from some small boutique or something?

Eric: A small boutique on South Street, called Dudes, D-U-D-E-S, and they have exclusive shoes and clothing that comes straight from Europe.

Brent: Is this how you dress most of the time, Eric?

Eric: It is.

Brent: Is it part of work, or is it just…

Eric: Part of work.

Brent: Do you mind saying where you work?

Eric:  No, it’s cool. I sing professionally. I’m classically trained. I went to school in Princeton at West Minster Choir College, but here I serve at the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, which is the largest black Baptist church here in Philadelphia. It’s got about 20,000 members.

Brent: I’ll bet it’s got an incredible choir.

Eric: Incredible. So I had to sing there for something today. So that’s why I’m…

Brent: Well you look sharp.

Eric: Thank you.

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