Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some Real F@#$king Street Style in the Midst of MBNYFW? Or Just More Fashion People Before a Blue Wall?

I don't know who this dude is, but I kept seeing him hanging outside a bunch of shows with some friend of his. I think they're part of a larger scene of Fashion Week loiterers, hanging out in the proximity of the shows just on the off-chance of...what exactly? Being photographed? Being discovered? But then, it's hard to know what he was doing there. There are all sorts of people at Fashion Week who appear to have no function and then turn-out to be agents of some trend-spotting company or something. So, I won't presume to know what he was doing there. In any case, I liked the old-school street-style look of what he was wearing, and I gave him an old-school street-style backdrop to accompany it.
This is model Irene Kim, shortly after those much-coveted-after shots of her on a tractor in the street that a bunch of other photographers managed to get of her. I think she looks better with a blue, graffitied wall as a backdrop. It goes better with those Air Jordans. 

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